This is the true account of how four Romanian pilgrims interested in the future of humanity met in the search of the stones (You don’t really have to read the whole story just watch the images and trust in us) in Bucharest. If you read it will occur to you that we can also guide you trough some of the touristic highlights of our Capital and the Prahova region.

Every turn and twist in our story follows some spiritual meaning, however erratic and apparently born out of a common senseless search for truth and tribal knowledge in Prahova region in the age of technological servitude. Facing endlessly protracted e-liberation and online social networking we discovered true friendship among ourselves. The impossibility to immediately and faithfully join the new tools offered by twitter accounts, facebook and myspace brought us many good things. Even the fact that we constantly seem unplugged and logged off has to be seen as a return to nature. We became a team without an immediate wish to be a team. The struggle to find the stones, the tribulations of our search and the problems we encountered made us from a group of like-minded friends – a true team!

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